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When working on returned electronic boards, technicians will, in certain cases, replace components with parts that are actually better than the aging originals, according to Heijmans, who explained that when improvements have been made over multiple generations of Carrier Transicold new-product builds, EBRS is committed to bringing everything up to the latest specification whenever possible. "We are not only repairing but performing factory modifications to ensure the highest level of component reliability," he added. EBRS has insights into whether certain parts – for example, a relay made within a specific date range – has a higher likelihood of failure in the lifetime of the refurbished board. In those cases, EBRS will simply replace it, even if the part had not failed when it was returned. Heijmans said when other suppliers repair a circuit board, they may only replace the faulty component – a transistor, for example – without conducting a comprehensive diagnostic, and they would not have the capability of doing a factory modification. Continuous Improvement Always in search of the best repair solutions, Rotterdam's research and development team continuously improves testing equipment, methodology and repair techniques for the entire EBRS operation. Much of the diagnostic equipment used is of Carrier's own design. Among the latest tools added to the technician's arsenal are thermal imaging devices that offer the ability to see if certain items on a circuit board are running warmer than they should. In some cases, heat generated from a component would not be discernible to human touch, but the thermal imaging device can detect a potential problem and the technician will replace the component. That kind of thoroughness, coupled with global parts availability, has helped Carrier respond to changing customer demand. "For electronics replacement components, many of the leading shipping lines have come to rely on Carrier as the preferred supplier, even for non-Carrier parts, because we can respond to demands anywhere in the world," Heijmans said. When speed is especially important, the EBRS "red carpet" program provides overnight delivery of a replacement component without requiring the trade-in up front. "We want to be an extension of our service providers' operations as well, which means being able to deliver these products quickly when customers need them," Heijmans said. "It is our mission to be the preferred supplier and the best in class." w Carrier Transicold welcomes guests to its booth at Fruit Logistica. Electronics Board Repair Service | ContainerLINE March 2018 Broadening its reach to fruit and vegetable growers and exporters, Carrier Transicold participated in Fruit Logistica for the first time in February. At the leading global fresh produce industry trade fair, held in Berlin, Carrier Transicold showcased the benefits of the XtendFRESH ™ system, the only container atmosphere control technology for protecting perishables that includes an integral ethylene removal capability. "Fruit Logistica provided an ideal opportunity to connect with exporters, importers and others invested in the produce trade to demonstrate how controlled atmosphere technology can help them," said Willy Yeo, director of marketing, Global Container Refrigeration. "Participating in the show not only helped us raise awareness about our offerings but allowed us to address a variety of questions and share postharvest expertise regarding various types of produce and their treatment." Carrier Transicold Makes Fruit Logistica Debut A technician demonstrates the use of a thermal imaging device to study performance of control components. 7

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