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This summer marks the 115 th anniversary of the invention of modern air conditioning by our founder, Dr. Willis H. Carrier. The original system, patented as an "Apparatus for Treating Air," removed humidity, a major problem for a New York City printer. This remarkable invention set into motion the development of other innovative products revolving around the idea of making things cool – a pursuit that continues today. Through Carrier's innovation, manufacturing processes have been improved, human comfort enhanced and significant contributions made to the cold chain that preserves and transports food. Few today are untouched by the ambition that drove Carrier, the "Father of Air Conditioning." His creative spirit still motivates us and inspires innovation in our container refrigeration business. For example, the notion of an efficient container refrigeration system using CO 2 refrigerant might have seemed implausible a mere decade ago, but cool innovation from our engineering teams made our NaturaLINE ® unit a reality. As told on page 4, UNIT45 in the Netherlands is the latest company to plant a green flag with a hydrofluorocarbon-free unit that responds to changing environmental regulations. Helping shippers respond to new guidelines within the growing global pharmaceutical business is the focus of our story on page 10. We've added a cool new calibration capability for our temperature sensors due to advancements in our operating software. Cool innovation extends beyond physical products and includes many ways in which we serve our customers through our support network. One of the most recent developments relates to how we train the global network of technicians who service and maintain your equipment. Our story on page 8 shares how our newly enhanced Carrier TechLINE ® Academy programs improve education and help technicians achieve measurable performance results. A key part of that initiative is our new interactive online training curriculum that enables learning to take place 24/7/365, wherever a technician can access a computer and the internet – the only one of its kind in the industry. Technicians have already embraced the program, demonstrating just another example of why, at our 115 th year, Carrier innovation is cooler than ever. Willy Yeo Director of Marketing Global Container Refrigeration A Carrier ThinLINE ® unit has been tapped into service to chill the liquid cargo of a unique 40-foot shipping container on a one-of-a-kind mission. Referred to as the Maine Beer Box, the container serves as a promotional tool and goodwill ambassador for craft beer brewers from the state of Maine in the northeastern United States. Setting sail on its maiden voyage this summer, the container is outrigged with 78 tap handles along its side to serve draught beer produced by members of the Maine Brewers' Guild. The ThinLINE unit maintains the beer at a crisp 2.2 to 3.3 degrees Celsius (36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimal quality. The guild proudly calls the Maine Beer Box the largest "kegerator" ever built, using a term usually reserved for a small refrigerator holding a single keg of beer. Loaded onto the Eimskip freighter Skogafoss, it departed from Portland, Maine, in late June and headed across the North Atlantic destined for Bjórfestival, Iceland's largest beer event in Reykjavik. During its return, it delivered beer from Icelandic breweries to serve at Portland's Summer Session Beer Festival. The Maine Beer Box is a collaboration of the guild, corporate sponsors and the state's economic development department that provides an opportunity for the state's brewers to gain exposure and potential business opportunities overseas. Carrier Unit Chills Unique Beer Container At 115 Years, We're Cooler Than Ever Discover the fascinating story of Dr. Carrier and his marvelous invention at 2

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