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Naturally Efficient: NaturaLINE ® Unit Optimizes Performance for Real-World Shipping Conditions Improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon footprint are two of the container shipping industry's recent trends, leading to innovations in ship design and propulsion, improved logistics and new economies of scale. For refrigerated shipping operations, Carrier Transicold's NaturaLINE container refrigeration unit addresses both of these trends, providing outstanding efficiency as well as a sustainable new option in refrigerant choice: CO 2. Non-ozone depleting, CO2 has a global warming potential (GWP) of one, making it a baseline that all refrigerants can be measured against. By comparison, contemporary synthetic refrigerants used in container refrigeration units have GWPs of 1,430 and 3,922. Nonflammable and nontoxic at low concentrations, CO 2 is not subject to phaseouts, taxes and F-gas regulations and requires no special disposal. "While CO 2 makes an absolutely compelling case in terms of its environmental benefits, it would make little sense to use it as a refrigerant unless we could deliver the kind of low power consumption and high-capacity performance that the industry has come to expect from us with units such as our PrimeLINE model," said Edward Goh, director of marketing, Global Container Refrigeration. "The NaturaLINE unit delivers on all counts." The NaturaLINE unit takes advantage of CO 2's unique thermodynamic characteristics, coupled with innovative technologies, to achieve a system that consumes significantly less power than the most common unit in the global fleet, while reducing indirect carbon emissions in the process. The NaturaLINE unit also offers the full refrigeration capacity that shipping lines require. Edward Goh Director of Marketing Global Container Refrigeration Time has a way of flying. In 2014, we celebrated production of the 1-millionth Carrier Transicold container refrigeration system – a record that took more than four decades to reach. This year, cumulative global sales of our PrimeLINE ® unit topped a quarter- million units – that's since the model's introduction just eight short years ago. While we are proud of those numbers, the more significant achievement with regard to the innovative PrimeLINE unit is its impact on helping the marine shipping industry to strengthen its environmental profile by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with prior models, the PrimeLINE unit is significantly more efficient, which reduces shipboard electricity demand and the fuel consumption and emissions related to power generation. This results in a 28 percent reduction of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. Over their projected lives, PrimeLINE systems already placed in service will help shipping lines reduce their environmental impact, accounting for an estimated savings of more than 12 million tons of carbon emissions. While the PrimeLINE unit has already stood the test of time, our pace-setting innovation continues with the NaturaLINE ® natural refrigerant-based unit. By using the natural refrigerant CO2, with a global warming potential (GWP) of one, the NaturaLINE system can help the shipping industry to mitigate procurement challenges and cost increases related to phaseouts of the high- GWP synthetic refrigerants that have been targeted by multiple governments and environmental agencies. CO2 is also the only natural refrigerant that is neither flammable nor toxic, is available worldwide, is cost-effective and requires no special disposal. Taking advantage of CO2's environmental attributes, the high- performance NaturaLINE machine has proven its abilities in trials with a spectrum of chilled and frozen cargoes and ranks among the most efficient units on the market today. As you'll discover in the adjacent article, the NaturaLINE unit even beats the PrimeLINE unit in efficiency under certain common shipping conditions. If there's a lesson in the above, it's that time does not stand still in our industry. A steady tide of innovation continues to bring timely developments that improve refrigerated container shipping in exciting and sustainable ways. Time Flies When You're Innovating ContainerLINE 2015 | NaturaLINE ® 2

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