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edge Edward Goh Director of Marketing Global Container Refrigeration Today's sophisticated container refrigeration systems enable shipping over longer timespans, whether the extended duration is due to producers reaching ever-distant markets or because of slow steaming by shipping lines to conserve fuel. As the distances between producer and consumer grow, Carrier Transicold products help assure goods arrive in top condition with the least amount of spoilage. Take for example the XtendFRESH™ controlled-atmosphere system we introduced in September. The system allows shippers to adjust oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to slow ripening and thus extend the time perishables can travel. More affordable than prior technologies for controlling oxygen and carbon dioxide, the XtendFRESH system delivers another benefit: the ability to remove ethylene, a hormone produced by perishables that accelerates ripening. The XtendFRESH system assures the quality of delivered goods without the trade-offs associated with ozone-based systems marketed and under development by others. Ozone indiscriminately oxidizes molecules it contacts, whether they are on the surface of a banana, sheet metal or a polymer. This can corrode and degrade materials used to make containers and their refrigeration systems. Also, when ozone reacts with naturally occurring ethylene, it can create chemical byproducts, such as formaldehyde, that simply don't belong in a container carrying goods for human consumption. In contrast, the XtendFRESH system elegantly removes ethylene through adsorption and then expels it from the container, thus protecting cargo quality for the duration of the voyage with no adverse effects on the container. Carrier Transicold delivers quality in other ways, too. This issue profiles new ways we are advancing the industry, such as our CareMAX™ refrigerant management excellence program (page 8), and the new EDGE technology and FuelWise™ enhancements (at right) that raise performance quality through better efficiency. We also salute service centers that achieved Top Performer recognition in our regions serving Oceania and Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia. As with Carrier Transicold products, high quality is a hallmark of the customer support they provide each and every day. Boosting Quality In Refrigerated Transport PrimeLINE ® Units Provide "EDGE" For Hamburg Süd Fleet Expansion With a 140-year history behind it, Hamburg Süd keeps its eyes focused squarely on the future, looking ahead to technologies that move ships and goods more efficiently and sustainably than today. No wonder then, that Hamburg Süd took a keen interest in working with Carrier Transicold on a future-forward engineering program to push the bounds of efficiency for the PrimeLINE ® refrigeration unit, which already had a reputation as an energy miser. The result is a pairing of new hardware and software options that when deployed together can improve unit performance by an astonishing 35 percent for perishables. And this isn't some blue-sky technology for the future. The technology is here, now, today, and Hamburg Süd is among the first to get a new "edge" in efficiency, while being especially "wise" about its fuel consumption. PrimeLINE unit shown with Hamburg Süd color scheme

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