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2 Going the Distance Carrier Transicold is known for going the distance. Whether it's the exceptional customer service provided by our SeaCare programs, or the pursuit of improved refrigeration efficiencies and sustainability, the worldwide employees of Carrier Transicold and our service centers never do a job just half way. Likewise, our deep commitment helps our customers to go the distance, too. A terrific new example is our XtendFRESH™ atmosphere control system, which makes literal the point of going the distance. A modular, more affordable system for precise atmosphere management and removal of harmful ethylene, the XtendFRESH system enables perishables to be shipped further on longer-duration voyages, arriving in better condition than with refrigeration alone. The XtendFRESH system can be used with existing Carrier Transicold systems, including the PrimeLINE® unit, which goes the distance by delivering exceptional performance and energy efficiency. The PrimeLINE unit continues to build its lead over all competitors to solidify its position as the industry best seller. This year we're also going the distance in terms of sustainability with the commercial availability of our new NaturaLINE™ unit, the world's first container system to use a natural refrigerant. As you will read on page 8, the new unit offers an efficiency profile similar to PrimeLINE and reduces lifetime carbon emissions significantly compared to prior units. The NaturaLINE unit responds to shipper, public and government concerns for the environment and the need for more sustainable options. Speaking of going distances, this year our business traces its origins back 45 years to the first "picture-frame" unit, which ushered in a new era in refrigerated cargo shipping via container (page 4). This innovation set a standard for container shipping and helped give rise to a $150 billion in refrigerated and frozen cargo shipped annually worldwide. It took us 25 years to sell our first 100,000 units, and at the time, it was considered a remarkable achievement. Twenty years later, as we stand at the precipice of producing our onemillionth unit, we are extraordinarily grateful for the continued support of our customers, who over the years have challenged us, encouraged us, and worked side-by-side with us to help make this industry what it is today, and who have enabled us to go the distance for them. Kartik Kumar Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning Global Container Refrigeration It pays to be in control, and Carrier Transicold's new XtendFRESH™ atmosphere control system proves the point. The innovative new product is designed to slow the ripening of containerized produce more than refrigeration alone, thus preserving quality while enabling the transport of fruits and vegetables on longer voyages. "The XtendFRESH system will expand opportunities for the global trade of perishable commodities," said David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold. "It will enable our shipping line customers to help exporters extend their reach into new markets. Considering its many benefits, the XtendFRESH system is designed to be significantly more affordable than prior atmosphere control solutions offered by Carrier and relatively easy to install on existing equipment. "By helping prevent premature ripening, the XtendFRESH system will aid in maintaining optimum quality of delivered produce, which can also result in less spoilage per shipment," said Kartik Kumar, director, Marketing & Strategic Planning, Global Container Refrigeration, Carrier Transicold. "The XtendFRESH system gives the shipping industry a new, more economical way to implement container atmosphere control and, in turn, grow market opportunities." "We're enthusiastic about the prospects of the XtendFRESH system for our banana operations," said Juan Carlos Hernandez, Global Equipment and MR Manager, Chiquita Brands International, Inc., which worked with Carrier in sea trials. "We like the XtendFRESH system as a practical, complete controlledatmosphere alternative for refrigerated containers that has shown potential for maintaining improved produce quality in long-duration shipments."

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