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A Legacy That Transcends Products In commemorating the golden anniversary of our innovative "front- wall" refrigeration system design, we asked some of our long-term employees for their reflections about the business. A recurrent theme heard is that while innovative, quality products are important, many other factors contribute to our leadership. We share some of their comments here. Zhu Lihua Customer Service Manager Shanghai, China 23 years of service Carrier's container business has continuously evolved, in keeping with ever-changing customer requirements. Customers recognize the quality of our products, but equally important are the training and service that follow the sale. Carrier's pioneering initiatives contributed to the growth in some of the world's leading shipping lines and reefer box manufacturers based here in China. What an amazing time it has been! Dean Bouch Technical Sales Manager West Midlands, England 19 years of service After all these years, I still find myself glancing over the refrigerated fresh produce aisle in my local supermarket, astonished at the long list of countries these excellent yields arrived from, time and time again. There's a special appreciation knowing our determined efforts and technology developments have directly contributed to increasing cross-border economic activity. The sense of belonging to this genuinely talented team, which has consistently delivered world-class products and services for as long as we have, makes me proud to be a part of Carrier Transicold. We truly appreciate the above insights and the commitment of these and so many other talented professionals in our organization. As we continue our anniversary celebration, in this issue we also commemorate the largest order to date of our NaturaLINE ® system, whose innovative use of environmentally sustainable natural refrigerant may just set the standard for the next 50 years. Willy Yeo Director of Marketing Global Container Refrigeration To learn more about the history of Carrier's pioneering front-wall refrigeration system, visit 2 Perry Hoover Customer Support Manager Syracuse, New York, USA 34 years of service We've developed strong and trusting relationships with customers – visiting their locations to address their needs and concerns, while also getting important feedback on their refrigeration units. These relationships have allowed us to continue to grow. Carrier will continue to develop opportunities with new equipment, but what's key is the customer support that comes with it. I am proud to be part of a team that believes, follows and strongly promotes this path to success. MSC Places Largest Order to Date for the NaturaLINE ® System It is the largest order to date of NaturaLINE units, which use carbon dioxide (CO2), a refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, the lowest among all container refrigerants currently in use. MSC's new refrigerated containers – all 40-foot high-cube models – are being acquired through lease from SeaCube Containers LLC. "The NaturaLINE unit's innovative use of CO 2 is the first of its kind available on the reefer market that is set to keep on growing in the coming years," said Giuseppe Prudente, chief logistics officer, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. "By providing a higher level of performance in the minus 40 degrees Celsius deep-frozen range, we can add new capabilities for our growing customer base, particularly for seafood and other high-value frozen commodities. "Moreover, shipping is already the most environmentally sustainable form of cargo transportation, and we are pleased to continue to improve our environmental performance by equipping our fleet with the latest green technologies." The ability to achieve -40 C was previously only attainable in container systems using a refrigerant with a GWP nearly 4,000 times higher. The NaturaLINE unit has managed this, along with no operating restrictions, excellent energy efficiency, quiet operation and tight temperature control. "We commend MSC and SeaCube for their investment in environmentally sustainable refrigeration equipment," said David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems. "The NaturaLINE unit, with CO 2 refrigerant, takes users directly to an end state by guarding against regulations, environmental taxes MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, a global leader in transportation and logistics, recently ordered 2,000 containers temperature-controlled by Carrier Transicold's innovative, natural refrigerant-based NaturaLINE ® system. "In taking leadership to provide a natural-refrigerant solution, Carrier Transicold created what is perhaps the most sound investment a leasing company and shipping line can make – a refrigerated container that will not become obsolete in its lifetime due to pressures from environmental legislation." – Robert Sappio, SeaCube CEO

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